Bullying – Conclusion

October 11, 2011

By Judy Lackey, Social Worker

Yes – Bullying is still prevalent, but no longer a secret. Hopefully this will change and it is changing now. Prevention is possible with more understanding and education. What is Bullying? According to the Centre for Children and Families in the Justice System

“Bullying” can be defined as repeated and systematic harassment and attacks on others.” It takes place in many forms which can be described such as: Physical violence and attacks; verbal taunts; threats and intimidation; extortion, theft of money and possessions and exclusion from the peer group.

People who are being bullied may be found in all walks of life. Victims of bullies can be found everywhere – from the child in the playground to the senior in as nursing home, battered women, abused children, problem neighbours, those of a different sexual orientation, or those of different ethnicity. educators, family members (extended family as well,) service people and even strangers (think “road rage.”) The people they bully seldom report the bullying because they are afraid of retaliation. They are vulnerable and may be an easy target.

Why does a person bully? Some reasons may be: jealously, low self-esteem, a home environment where aggressive strategies were modelled in handling conflicts. A Bully may feel controlling and powerful and loves the attention they generally will get.

How does Bullying affect those victimized? It can lead to long term consequences such as low self esteem, insecurity, depression and even suicide. It may cause an individual to become a Bully themselves. Bullying can be prevented. The key to doing so is largely good Parenting – they must be knowledgeable and teach their children how to cope with a bully. Reassure them to report an incident to a parent, teacher or any other trustworthy adult.
Tell them to ask for help and expect to receive it. If your child is a Bully, talk to them about respect for others and look into possible problems. Teachers are educated to understand Bullying and most schools have a Policy about Bullying. There are multiple resources to learn about this issue in depth. There are books, videos and and the Internet. There has been documentaries on TV about this subject.

Children, Teens and Adults know that Society no longer tolerates Bullying. Celebrities lend their voice in this Anti- Bullying. They recall bullying in their childhood also. You may not like Lady Gaga’s music but she has lent her support to to the Anti-Bullying campaign. She tells kids that “Bullying Is For Losers.” Everyone deserves to feel safe and not be abused by anyone. I hope each of us can be part of of making this come true. If we can stop even one more teen from committing suicide, it will be worth it. Until next time, be kind to others and be sensitive to anyone struggling.

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