The Lennon Sisters: Where Are They Now?

April 4, 2011

The Lennon Sisters started their fame on the Lawrence Welk Christmas Show in 1955. They sisters were dubbed “America’s Sweethearts of Songs,” and performed for thirteen years on the television show. On August 12, 1969, the Lennon Sisters’ father, William, who worked as a milkman in Venice California, was murdered by a man (Chet Young) who had been infatuated with Peggy Lennon for several years.

At the time of their father’s murder, there were still seven of the eleven children still living in the Lennon home under the age of eighteen. The Lennon Sisters continued to perform despite the horrific death of their father and manager, but quit their Variety Show commitment after one season.

The Lennon Sisters went on to have families of their own, but did appear on various television shows during the 70s and 80s.

Peggy Lennon retired from show business in 1999. Today, three Lennon Sisters are sometimes accompanied by their younger sister, and continue to perform mainly in Branson, Missouri at the Welk Champagne Theatre.

The three Lennon Sisters also continue to do television interviews and have a website with a gift shop.

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  1. valerie arnett on June 5, 2011 at 12:32 am

    Dear Janet and Diane: Thank you for taking time in Branson on Thursday evening as my husband and I were leaving Andy Williams’ Restaurant to pose for a picture with me! I’m still giggling about it. We got home last evening (Fri. June 3rd) after our long 9 hr. drive. Perhaps we’ll see you all again the next time we’re in town. Have a wonderful summer. Sincerely, Valerie and Rusty Arnett (Peoria, Il.)

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