Talking with Dala

January 24, 2011

DALA’s Sheila Carabine (L) and Amanda Walther (R) this past Saturday

Prior to their impressive performance at Shell Theatre this past Saturday, Over Easy, Please had an opportunity to interview “folk-pop” duo Amanda Walther and Sheila Carabine. The rising stars, both in their mid-twenties, offered some excellent insights into life as professional musicians, their creative process, and even how they “keep Canada Post in business.” Following are a few highlights of our interview.

OEP: “What is it that you like the best about your career?”

Sheila: “I like everything about it – I love the travel, I love that we get to create art, and people come out and support it, and are open to the things we are creating out of thin air. I feel like being an artist, you have to constantly challenge yourself and evaluate what’s important to you and put it into song.”

Amanda: “I think I said in Grade Two… You know, when I grow up, I want to be a friend for a living. Oddly enough, I think that’s what’s happening… I’m kind of the luckiest girl alive, I think.”

OEP: “What do you like the least?”

Amanda: “I think the only downside for me, about this job, is that I’m away from my loved ones. And, it can’t be a lonely place, but on an upside…”

Sheila: “You get a lot of great reunions… You’re always coming through the door with new stories, and I think that’s really fun.”

OEP: “Where do you see yourselves in five years?”

Sheila: “To be able to play a theatre — like this is a beautiful theatre — and if we can continue to do this, and do it more frequently, and travel beyond Canada and beyond the States and go to Europe and Australia… we’re already so happy with how things have grown the last couple years that if they continue, we’ll feel pretty lucky.”

Amanda: “Everything else is gravy at this point; we’re just ecstatic.”

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